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Computer Science(Work experience,Computer Science,Informatics Practices)


Computer Science offered to students of classes 1 to XII imparts extensive knowledge, insight aptitude and skills in the arena of science and technology. The practical training enables students to develop a strong foundation in the discipline. This work experience provides an opportunity to the teachers to develop their understanding of the application of computers .




Yoga is an integral part of the curriculum of the school. Yoga leaves a deep impact on their concentration, behaviour, fitness and emotional strength. It empowers students with healthy coping mechanisms in the face of stress, trauma and anxiety.


Music and tabla


Our school is well aware of the fact that music and dance are powerful forms of expressing the inner feelings and vibrating energy.



The Dance Department of the school, with its vibrancy, trains the students in many forms of dance such as classical, semi-classical, folk, and western dance.




To nurture and bring out the hidden talent, drawing, painting or making compositions with one’s own hands is a perfect way.


Genral Skills


The students are engaged in activities such as interior designing, meal planning, rangoli making, tie and dye and fabric painting and in hospitality. These skills equip them to be responsible and disciplinarian.